Month: July 2017

Pin Post – Introduction

Pin Post – Introduction

I like having mementos of my travel, the places I go and the things I do. The problem with this is the weight that can be added to your luggage and the space they take up.

Enter pins! Small, light, can fit in your pocket. And thanks to America, nearly everywhere you go has a pin for you to buy. Museums, cities, events, attractions…

I decided this was a cost effective way of getting something from everywhere. My ‘Pin Posts’ will provide an insight to the single pins I have collected, when & where I got it and the significance of that pin.

What’s In A Name?

What’s In A Name?

For any non Kiwi’s reading this, the Pukeko is a beautiful blue bird with red beak, long legs and giant feet.

My whole life I always thought it was native to NZ, turns out I was wrong.

Pukeko sounds so elegant, and is befitting of the bird, so imagine my surprise when I found out it is a species of Swamphen.

NZ is the only place in the world to have a different name. Now, swamphens worldwide do vary from the Pukeko based on their sub-species, so I think for now I will remain of the opinion that the Pukeko is native to NZ.

When I moved to the UK, my Grandma started sending me Pukeko themed gifts to remind me of home.

So in honour of home and my Grandma, I chose to have Pukeko in my blog name.

Sian, The Wandering Pukeko x

And so it begins

And so it begins

I finally got around to starting the blog I have been thinking about for years. As it turns out, I even signed up and registered my domain in 2015!

I grew up in New Zealand. I visited my Dad in the USA a couple of times as a kid, but otherwise all my holidays were in NZ. In fact, they were all to Taupo & Rotorua.

Then everything changed. My family moved to the UK…without me. When they were set up, I visited them, and returning home felt dismal.

Don’t get me wrong, NZ is a fantastic place to grow up, safe, awesome scenery, great people. But it is small, distant and I wanted to see more. I felt trapped, my wanderlust had set in.

I love to see new places, have different experiences and make the most of everyday I have.

It took a few years of convincing, and a couple of trips to Australia, to convince my other half to take the plunge, give up everything, and move to the UK.

Although we miss friends and family back in NZ, this was the best move we have ever made.

This blog will reflect on how we got here, the trips we have made, our adventures in the UK and all the trips still to come. Thrown in along the way will be some travel tips and recommendations we stand by.

Enjoy, and remember to make the most of every day.

Sian, The Wandering Pukeko x