Boscastle with a broken toe

Boscastle with a broken toe

Finally a break from work, a decent amount of time off, and we have plans. Plans that include a trip to Boscastle in North Cornwall to explore areas we haven’t seen before. Packing all done, just need to add one more thing to the case, and that’s when it happens. As I rush to add my last item before getting some sleep, I kick the case, hard! The pain is immediate, and the damage is clear.  All I can hope is that it feels better in the morning.

It didn’t. But I wasn’t going to let this ruin our holiday.

After our stay in Bude, which you can read about here, we drove to Boscastle.

Our first view of Boscastle was coming down towards Penally Hill. The view was so amazing we pulled into the Boscastle Farm Shop for more. At the bottom of the garden is a gate leading directly onto the South West Coast Path walking route. The views from here were fantastic, and we couldn’t wait to see more of the town.

The town is beautiful. It is a quintessential English seaside town. Like Bude it is full of independent retailers, including a witchcraft museum! This seems slightly out of place just doors away from the National Trust, but it must be generating business as it has been open here since 1960.

We arrived in town at the same time as a tour bus, not ideal, but we soon found out there is enough to do in this small village to cater for everybody.

The shops extend to the start of residential alleys, with numerous options for lunch or a coffee. The houses mix in with retail and extend to the mouth of the harbour. Looking at Boscastle in a map, you would be forgiven for thinking this would be a quick stop.

We looked around the town, and after a bite to eat headed to the harbour to explore some more. Now, bearing in mind the broken toe I suffered only 1 day previously, this may not have been the best idea. The tide was out, so we first headed right, balancing precariously on the concrete ledge heading to the sea. We clambered down the algae covered rocks into the emptied harbour to get some photos.  At this point we noticed the tide was starting to come back in.

It was now a race against time to finish our photo session. Back to the bridge and down the other side of the harbour to get some shots of the stranded boats. This is where the fun really began. On top of my broken toe, I had also worn completely inappropriate shoes for climbing, but they were new, I had to wear them! Steep up and down hill sections, uneven surfaces, stairs and large boulders, my foot was completely unsupported and willing me to stop.

We made it though, over the last few rocks and we were greeted with the ocean. Vast, open views of the sea crashing against the rocks.

I’m sure you would agree, it was worth it.


Would I recommend Boscastle? Yes

Would I recommend it with a broken toe? No way.

We will go back to see more, and enjoy more of the walking tracks in the area, but this time I will take more care when packing!

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