The Deck – Bude

The Deck – Bude

Make sure you book in advance!

I knew I wanted to come here, even before we had booked our hotel. I had seen some traveller photos of the meals The Deck serves. Among these were their signature Hanging Skewers. I was sold.

I saw the pictures and I knew it was popular, yet somehow I didn’t think to book in advance. This is completely unlike me, as I tend to be over prepared if anything. At 4:30pm I phoned to book a table, yes for that night, stop laughing! There was some umming and ahhing, and checking through the bookings, but they came up with a table, if we could get there for 5, it was the only possibility.

Lucky for us we were only a 5 minute walk away, so up we jumped, quick hairbrush, and out the door.

The lady who greeted us was so welcoming, we were seated straight away, and the ordering process explained. It is an order at the bar restaurant, but luckily they provide each table with little notepads and pencils in the cutlery bucket, so you don’t forget what you are ordering. This could be a problem as there is so much you will want to try!

Menu options include hanging skewers, mussels, steak, ribs, burgers and fish. All can be ordered with a range of sides, from fries to mushrooms.

I opted for the Chicken & Chorizo Hanging Skewer with skinny fries and Scott chose the Catch & Chips. What a treat. The hanging skewer  comes with your choice of flavoured butter to brush on your skewer, I chose sweet chilli. The meal was like an experience of it’s own, and it was delicious to boot. Alternating chicken, chorizo & peppers, a vertical kebab, hanging above a small dish, all put together with fries on the side. The chicken was flavourful and juicy, combined with crispy edged chorizo slices, it worked perfectly. Scott enjoyed his fish, served with chunky fries. The batter was light and not greasy, and a bonus for him was the peas were not mushy!

Next decision to make was what to have for desert. Everything sounded amazing, churros, cheescake, brownie and ice cream. All were tempting, and I did almost go for the churros, but the star on the menu for me was the donuts. When I found out these were also served on a hanging skewer and consisted of filled donuts, iced donuts, sugar donuts, and a dipping sauce, there was no other choice. I was not disappointed. This was the best desert I have ever had, and it would be hard to beat. Scott is a cheesecake fanatic and opted for that, the flavour change daily. It was homemade and had a fantastic base with a creamy body.

We left with full, happy bellies.

The next day we were due to head home, but ended up still in the area at dinner time. We tried our luck and were able to get fitted into a table. It was a chance to try something else off the menu. This time I opted for  Steak Burger and Scott went for the Rack of Ribs. He had seen a fellow diner get this the night before, and had food envy, now he gets to try it himself. It was huge. An enormous rack of ribs sat on a bed of chunky fries. I wondered if he could finish it, I should never have doubted him. He was in his element. As he explained, ribs are a risky item to order, you never know what you will end up with.

There is no risk at The Deck, whether it is ribs or one of the other menu items. You know that whatever you order will be delicious and great value for money.

If you are going to be in Bude, give The Deck a call and book a table, you do not want to miss out on all they have to offer.

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